All couples have problems with communication. • Communication is done through prosody, gestures, touch, facial expressions and intuition. • There are four taboos of communication: 1. No criticizing 2. No defending 3. No defending 4. No uncontrolled or vented anger • There are seven methods of communication: 1. Play Talk 2. Information Exchange 3. Casual Conversation 4. Intellectual Discussion 5. Problem Solving 6. Talking and Listening (The Dialogue of Intimacy) • Utilization of any of the above forms of communication contributes to quality time. • The first 5 forms of communication are interactional, however the last one is not. • When engaging in Talking and Listening (such as through the dialog of intimacy each partner takes a turn. Establish who is Talker and who is Listener. Talking is telling the other person about your own negative feelings with no expectations from the other person other than that he or she will try to understand. Listening is the counterpart to talking. Listening means listening to the other person’s negative feelings about himself without taking it personally. The Dialogue of Intimacy has been found to be a critical component in facilitating a growing and evolving marriage thus a crucial process of couples therapy.