Relationship Challenges

Money problems are frequently a reported as a source of stress and conflict in a marriage.

  • Significantly unequal income is often a source of resentment and conflict in the marriage.
    • While some couples agree to have one partner stay home and tend to household duties or the children, the lack of income generated by this person can be a source of conflict. The person at home is often at the mercy of the spouse for income which, at times, can evoke feelings more related to a parental relationship.
  • Differences in spending habits or priorities for spending money can also contribute to distress in a marriage.
  • For example, some people prefer to save while others spend their paycheck as soon as they get their hands on it.
  • Treat the family or marriage like a small business.
  • Couple devises a budget.
  • Employ a financial consultant if financially feasible.
  • Both members of the couple agree to ways money is spent.
  • Both members of the couple are aware of the amount of money coming in and going out.
  • Addressing the money conflict includes:

* It is important to note that money is a surface issue and that there is a deeper issue that the couple or members of the couple need to address. These issues can include early relationship with parent/s or beliefs about the meaning of money.