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All couples have problems with communication. • Communication is done through prosody, gestures, touch, facial expressions and intuition. • There are four taboos of communication: 1. No criticizing 2. No defending 3. No defending 4. No uncontrolled or vented anger • There are seven methods of communication: 1. Play Talk 2. Information Exchange 3. Casual Conversation 4. Intellectual Discussion 5. Problem Solving 6. Talking and Listening (The Dialogue of Intimacy) • Utilization of any of the above forms of communication contributes to quality time.


Attention Deficit hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is frequently the source of distress in couples.
• People with this problem have difficulty focusing on a subject (particularly when the subject is not of interest).
• The individual with ADHD might get up in the middle of a sentence and walk into the other room because they lack the attentional capacity to stay with the present interaction.
• Attention and memory are both executive functions of the brain meaning that the same brain region governs attention and memory so people with ADHD often have problems with memory.